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28th May 2019


The Natural Way – Colours, Flavours, Sweeteners, Preservatives & More

Author: Blanca Camarasa, European Sales Manager

It is becoming more obvious every day that consumers are looking for healthy and natural ingredients for their meals and beverages. The fewer the number of additives or E numbers on product labels, the more attractive the product is to the consumer. However, consumers are also demanding a low price and high quality, so how do manufacturers produce products which meet all these criteria?

Research & Development teams have been looking for solutions for quite a number of years and will continue to do so. New technologies and improvements to existing ones will need to emerge fast if manufacturers are to keep up with consumer’s demands. At the same time science is providing evidence of the negative impact of some additives and chemicals on health. When acknowledged by consumers, alarm bells start ringing and an increase in their want (or need) for “natural” or “clean” labelled products is triggered.

A good example is the natural colours market which, according to a report by Research Nester, will grow 7.8% CADGR to USD2.1 billion by 2023. Ten years ago there would have been many companies manufacturing colours, but only approximately 25% of these companies would have been manufacturing natural colours. Now, most of the companies in this business are increasing their natural product lines and where possible discontinuing their synthetic counterparts to stay on top of consumer demands.

This trend is not only being seen in the colours market, but also other markets such as sweeteners, flavours and preservatives to name a few. It seems that natural is here to stay!


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