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31st May 2019


Pea Takes the Spotlight at the Protein Trends and Technologies Seminar

Author: Edmund Talideh, Business Manager

peas_medresA big thanks to Global Food Forums for yet another excellent Protein Trends and Technologies Seminar!

The first thing to note is the breadth of information available: there are fascinating presentations, a constant cycle of novel food products to try (everything from cricket-flour brownies to vegan smoked salmon…), and of course a whole host of exhibitors to talk to. Looking at all three sources of information, one of the most obvious trends is that Pea has very much taken the spotlight… which of course fits well with the work we’re doing at Biocatalysts to see how our proprietary protease portfolio (try saying that 3 times fast) can improve novel plant protein sources, including Pea (Download our whitepaper on plant proteins and how to improve their properties with enzyme know-how). There was also a ton of data around the use of enzymes and other processing aids to improve the function and flavour properties of novel proteins, considering most of the existing technology has been exclusively applied to animal (meat/dairy). There’s a lot yet to learn.

It’s also clear from the regulatory presentations that labelling and legislation are being blindsided by the rate of innovation in this space: what can you define as ‘meat’? Do plant-based meat alternatives fall under this category? How about synthetic meats? How do we regulate them?

Further, with the rate of launches in this space skyrocketing, there are a whole range of formulations, scalability, communication, and logistical issues cropping up. How do we market novel proteins? Do consumers know enough about protein to be able to make the right decisions? How do these formulated products stack up in terms of shelf life? How does processing impact the functional and nutritional parameters of the proteins we are looking to use?

All in all, it’s clear that this is a high-growth area, and every year new challenges are presented and solved. If you have any questions about how enzyme modification can be used to solve protein problems, contact Biocatalysts and we will support you through this process.


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