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13th March 2019


Plant-based ingredients – A trend at SCIFTS

Author: Ed Talideh

SCIFT2There are relatively few excuses that a grown man can use to go to Disneyland without bringing children along, but the Southern California IFTs Suppliers night is one of them….

The first thing I notice is the sheer size of the event – it was sold out, so for a lot of the time we were all shoulder-to-shoulder. My conversations were many and varied, and it’s clear that there are a lot of new ingredient solutions on the market after a period of intense R&D.

It’s difficult to pick out a single trend amongst the thousands of products and services on offer, but a common theme was plants: there were tons of new plant-based solutions available, from new natural colour extracts, to novel sweeteners, to plant based alternatives to historically animal-derived ingredients like protein hydrolysates. Further, from my conversations it became apparent that the driver behind many of these new plant-based innovations is not just the consumer demand to reduce animal-based products across the board, but also the growing concerns that animals are becoming less sustainable as a source of food for a growing global population. As ever, the focus on natural products and clean labeling is also going strong – at least if the number of leaf-based product logos is anything to go by!

It’s great to see years of R&D (and even some of our enzymes!) resulting in a whole host of new ingredients for a changing marketplace, and I’m excited to see more of them on the shelves in time.


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