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1st March 2019


Nutraceuticals Europe 2019

Author: Blanca Camarasa, European Sales Manager

NutraceuticalsEUAfter visiting Nutraceuticals Europe 2019 in Madrid, I have come away with greater knowledge of the Nutraceutical industry and of the many products that will help prevent different types of illness and reduce the impact on those suffering from them.

Spain is well-known for its production of good wine and olive oil, so I was not surprise to see products that had been developed around these two big industries and their by-products.

There were many products on show containing grape extracts, as they can be used in several applications to provide healthy benefits, like good cardiovascular health or increased anti-oxidant activity.

Moving to the olives, it was very nice to see different products coming from olive tree leaves which can serve different needs across diverse industries from cosmetics to food and feed.

It is fascinating to see what nature can offers us in terms of molecules and active compounds with benefits for human health and nutrition. But, what is even more astonishing is the production of these exact molecules and active compound from microorganism like yeast and bacteria.

Having access to non-animal chondroitin sulfate, yeast chitosan or vitamins produced and purified from bacteria, proves the strong power of biotechnology for making more sustainable and eco-friendly processes and products.

Finally, but not less important, is to highlight the continuous work and innovation that some companies are doing on revalorising big industries by-products. A good example from this exhibition was the use of egg shells for making a high-quality collagen from eggshell membranes.

In conclusion, this event was small but powerful.  I found everything I was looking for and will look forward to coming back.


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