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28th February 2019


3rd European Chemistry Partnering event

Author: Valeria Valkova, Business Manager

20190226_091157 (3)

I have a attended a lot of events over the years and Business Development, Partnering and Cooperation are a few words that are being used more and more in the business world these days. Not because they are fancy, but because the perception of growing and developing as part of a partnership has changed significantly. There are many studies and personal accounts that confirm the success in partnering with other companies, individuals or groups to achieve success. A story I’m personally impressed with and would like to share is Holger Bengs story – ‘the Guy with Orange tie’. The European Chemistry Partnering event he created and organised in Frankfurt a couple of days ago mainly focussed on partnering and 1-2-1 meetings was really impressive.

The long list of around 800 participants include the biggest names in the Chemical industry as well as many start-up companies with inspiring new technologies was first class.

The venue, the organisation and the personal approach to every single attendee made the partnering event one of the most successful I have been a part of, with well over 2000 partnering meetings taking place.

Many topics were covered in workshops and there was a very interesting panel discussion on ‘New Plastic Economy’, addressing the world issues of plastic pollution and novel approaches to plastic.

Chemistry did make the world go around on 26th of February and I’m looking forward to the next one!


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