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20th December 2018


Yeast Market Grows as Consumers Want Clean Labelled Food Products

Yeast TBThe yeast market is both fragmented and competitive, but due to an increasing demand from consumers for clean label products, yeast is becoming a high value ingredient.

Yeast ingredients and their functions include:

  • Yeast extracts which are used to replace monosodium due to increasing demand for natural ingredients and health concerns in reducing levels of salt.
  • Yeast autolysates which are used to enhance flavours in processed foods and improve palatability of animal feed products.
  • Yeast autolysates, yeast beta-glucan and yeast derivatives which are added to both human and animal food products to give savory notes
  • Beta-glucans provide health benefits in food and animal feed.

Consumer demand does not appear to be slowing down for yeast, which is one of the most versatile microorganisms used in food and beverage manufacturing. This can be attributed not only to its versatility but also its documented health benefits and high protein content (take a look at this website for more information

A report by Zion Market Research values the yeast market at around $4,155 million in the year 2017 and is expected to reach approximately $8,940 million by 2026. The global yeast market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of around 9% between 2018 and 2026.

Europe holds a dominant position in the global yeast market with around 32% share in 2017. The high salt content in western diets and processed foods is a key growth area where yeast can be used to reduce salt content without compromise on flavour. Increasing awareness about consuming healthy food is also increasing the preference for organic food ingredients due to the health benefits they offer. This is expected to generate significant opportunity for the yeast market in the coming years.

Growth is also anticipated in the emerging economies of the Asia Pacific, such as India and China. These markets are expected to experience significant growth owing to the increasing number of yeast manufacturers and consumers in the countries.

Overall, it is safe to say the future of the yeast market is looking very positive. Especially as consumers place higher demands on understanding the type of functional ingredients contained within their foods and health products.

Enzymes can be used to improve the extraction of yeast, and with a high demand for new yeast products manufacturers are now turning to the power of enzyme catalysis. Take a read of our technical bulletinĀ on yeast extraction which will take you through the yeast extraction process giving recommendations to achieve the best possible extraction. These include:

  • Accelerating the extraction process
  • Increasing yields
  • Reducing viscosity
  • Improving solubilisation of debris
  • Aiding the clarification of the extract
  • Compensation for damaged/inactive yeast cells
  • Flavour enhancement

Download our technical bulletin by clicking here




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