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30th October 2018


Meet Sophie, Microbiology Technician at Biocatalysts

Author: Sophie Williams, Microbiology Technician

SophieWhat is your current role as a Microbiology Technician like?

I take care of the micro section of enzyme production from the point of inserting the desired gene into the production host to carrying out purity tests throughout the production process. It’s an exciting role, I get to be the starting point of most of our projects and can watch enzyme production grow from shake flask level to fermenter level.

What did you do before you started at Biocatalysts? What did you study and how did you come to Biocatalysts?

I was just finishing a master’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Manchester. I was in the limbo stage of finishing my degree and waiting to graduate when I came across the position at Biocatalysts on a job listings website. I applied and after a phone interview was called for a face-to-face interview and I was offered the job within a week. I really appreciate that Biocatalysts took me on without any industrial experience and is allowing me to develop skills and knowledge in the industry setting.

What are your initial impressions of working at Biocatalysts?

From my short time here, everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. Everyone knows it’s tricky finding your feet in a new company, so people were very helpful in showing me around and getting me up to speed. Biocatalysts is a fast-paced company that’s driving for constant improvement and expansion. People here seems very passionate about their work which is a lovely environment to work in. Everyone has such different backgrounds and it’s very interesting listening to their stories and past experiences. This also means that as we’re quite an open company you get to learn about the different aspects of the business.

What distinguishes the science at Biocatalysts from your experience at university?

At Biocatalysts I have been exposed to a wide range of new techniques that I had previously only learnt about in University lectures. Working here has allowed me to broaden my practical knowledge as well as get a grasp of science in a business environment. The science is more fast paced here, there is always something going on meaning I’m always busy. Instead of focusing purely on one project, as I did in university, during my time here I have been able to follow numerous projects at the same time. I am looking forward to further expanding my skills, allowing me to take on a larger role within the company.


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