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11th August 2016


Our Videos

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This is Biocatalysts: Speciality Enzyme Discovery, Development and Manufacture

Using 30 years of experience and expertise, Biocatalysts Ltd provides rapid and cost effective discovery, development and manufacture of speciality enzymes. Biocatalysts offers multidisciplinary technical expertise including enzyme application, stabilisation and regulatory compliance underpinned by best in class project management, efficient and effective customer communication and world class customer service. In this video Stuart West, Managing Director, talks through our unique offering and gives you insight into how Biocatalysts operate.


Our Unique Enzyme Development and Manufacture Capabilities

Why use a standard enzyme when you could be using an enzyme that has been specifically tailored to your needs. Menna Thomas, Enzyme Development Coordinator, talks about our unique capability to take an enzyme from concept to routine manufacture in under 12 months.


Our History with Speciality Enzymes

Caroline West, Marketing Manager, uncovers the strategic journey the company has embarked upon right from when it first began in 1983, to where it is today – a world class speciality enzyme development and manufacturing company. This video will really give you an insight into our role within the enzyme industry as well as the achievements we have accomplished to date.


What its Like to Work for Biocatalysts Ltd

What’s it like to work for Biocatalysts? Take a look at this video to find out what our HR Manager and current employees have to say.


Biocatalysts Ltd: A Knowledge and Technology Based Company

Operating in the industrial biotechnology industry means, by default, we are a high technology company relying on knowledge and capabilities for state-of-the-art methods for enzyme discovery, development and manufacture. So, from a technology perspective, we are very knowledge hungry – we spend a lot of time developing in house technology knowledge for enzyme discovery, development and scale up to manufacture. Listen to Dr Andrew Ellis, Technical Director, talk about how the development of knowledge and new technical capabilities at Biocatalysts is orientated towards innovating for and benefiting our customers.


Applying Operational Excellence to Exceed our Customers’ Enzyme Expectations

Craig Galeozzie, Operations Manager, and Mark Jones, Production Supervisor, talk about how Biocatalysts apply operational excellence. From the strategy of our Supply Chain management, to satisfying the enzyme delivery requirements of our customers, the complete cycle of operations is a transparent, measured process, focused on exceeding customer expectations.


Producing Regulatory Compliant Enzymes

Mark Price, QC and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Biocatalysts talks about our wide range of legislative responsibilities, from new and existing government regulations to the kosher and halal certification of Biocatalysts enzyme products.


Delivering Quality Enzyme Products on Time

We aim to consistently deliver quality products to our customers and despatch them on time, as this is what our customers tell us is important. View this video to find out how we are able to provide good customer service all year round.


Project Management at Biocatalysts

Biocatalysts is a project based company operating a robust project management system based on the widely recognised PRINCE2® and MSP® principles. Jane Price, Project Manager, talks about how efficient and effective project management systems are key for the successful development of new commercial enzymes, ensuring that the focus is on the customer’s objectives.


Business Continuity and Risk Management

Stuart West, Managing Director, talks about business continuity and risk management within projects in this short video.


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