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20th May 2016


Promod™ 950L – A Microbial & Sulphite-Free Alternative to Papain

Promod™ 950L - A Microbial & Sulphite-free Alternative to PapainPapain, an enzyme derived from the tropical plant Carica papaya, is widely used across the food industry in a variety of applications. Meat tenderisation, flavour production and yeast hydrolysis are just a few of these.

There are some disadvantages to using papain. Firstly, papain contains sulphite, which is an allergen and secondly, due to its seasonal plant origin, its quality, price and supply may not always be consistent. There is a solution to these problems, and it comes in the form of a sulphite-free microbial enzyme called Promod™ 950L.

Promod™ 950L is a suitable alternative to papain and can be used to efficiently hydrolyse vegetable, animal and fish proteins to increase solubility, reduce viscosity and produce specific flavours. It is particularly suitable for hydrolysis of baker’s and brewer’s yeast to increase solubility and yields during the manufacture of yeast extracts.

Promod™ 950L is a Sulphite-free Alternative to Papain

Papain, which is often used to manufacture yeast extracts, contains sulphites which are required to stabilise its activity. Sulphite is an allergen and needs to be declared on all food or drink labels if it is present over 10ppm in the final product. This is where Promod™ 950L differs, it doesn’t require sulphites to stabilise its activity and can therefore be used to manufacture yeast extracts with low sulphite content. Further information can be found in our technical bulletin on the use of enzymes in yeast extraction which can be downloaded from here.

The Solution to Papain Supply Issues

As mentioned earlier, papain is derived from the tropical plant Carica papaya. Its seasonal plant origin means that its quality, price and supply may not always be consistent. One poor yielding season can result in major problems for the many food manufacturers using papain. Leading food manufacturers are turning to Promod™ 950L, which due to its microbial origin, isn’t dependant on the production of seasonal fruit.

There will never be a guaranteed consistent, high quality supply, so why not test Promod™ 950L in your process. If the results are good you could be benefiting from the ability to be able to order the quantity you require, when you require it, at a consistent price and quality. Why struggle with supply issues when there is a simple solution. Click here to request a sample of Promod™ 950L.


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