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9th February 2016


Could your Speciality Application Benefit from our Customised Enzyme Development & Manufacture Service?

Over the recent years, Biocatalysts’ Customised Enzyme Development & Manufacture service has been attracting customers from specific markets with whom we haven’t had the opportunity to work with before. Who are these customers? They’re companies who require relatively low volumes of high quality enzyme products for use in high value molecular biology and diagnostic applications.

So what attracts these companies to Biocatalysts, an enzyme manufacturer traditionally best known within the food industry?

The answer is that often it can be a struggle to find a partner willing (or capable) to discover, develop and manufacture an enzyme at the volumes required for speciality applications – this is where Biocatalysts steps in. Biocatalysts’ wealth of experience and enzyme know-how is the foundation of our ability to discover and develop enzyme solutions in a scalable and (most importantly) cost effective way. Combine this with our range of manufacturing scales, project management, regulatory and technical support and you have a route to commercial manufacture of an enzyme product. From flavour and fragrance to pharmaceutical, fine chemical to food, Biocatalysts can explore enzyme solutions that you thought were unsuitable for commercial manufacture.

Customised Enzyme Development & Manufacture at Biocatalysts

Biocatalysts’ PRINCE 2® accredited project managers ensure each project runs smoothly, adhering to timelines and providing deliverables on time. These projects are designed with a stage-gated approach to allow the customer flexibility and control over the project’s progression as well as invoicing. Additionally, our in-house regulations experts provide advice and guidance on bringing an enzyme in to commercial use. This can be invaluable to companies who have great ideas and know where in the market their product will fit, but need guidance on the associated regulations.

As a speciality enzyme manufacturer, we believe that all the custom enzyme solutions we develop should have the same ‘seal of approval’ as any of our other products. Therefore, we supply a customised high quality product to a consistent specification. To allow us to do this, we always have ‘Design for Manufacture’ in mind to ensure a reproducible commercial process can be run from any scale-up we start.

Having all of these enzyme development and manufacturing capabilities under one roof puts Biocatalysts at a distinct advantage in the enzyme development market. This has in turn opened up opportunities across a diverse range of industries allowing Biocatalysts to prove that we can and do deliver quick, cost effective enzyme solutions regardless of the application.


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