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8th November 2015


Technical Bulletin – The Use of Enzymes in Carrot Processing

We have published a new technical bulletin titled, ‘The Use of Enzymes in Carrot Processing’.

Enzymes play an important role in fruit and vegetable processing and can not only save processors time and money, but also help them improve the quality of their products. Take for example carrot juice. Cloud stability of juice is a key attribute; therefore the presence of juice cloudiness can easily indicate to customers that carrot juice is of a poor quality.

Biocatalysts manufacture enzymes which can be used to assist in the production of cloud-stable carrot juice, along with other fruit & vegetable juices. The use of enzymes can result in greater maceration and solubilisation of the vegetable tissues, higher yields of juice (20 – 60% higher) with more dissolved solids, improved clarity, reduced viscosity of the juice, and less insoluble waste.

This technical bulletin will take you through the carrot juice production process giving recommendations to achieve the best possible extraction. If you find that the enzymes mentioned are not suitable for your process please contact us so our technical team can recommend the best enzymes for your specific application.

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