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9th November 2015


Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Egg White Creates New Textures & Flavours

Recent studies have shown that using enzymatic hydrolysis to create egg protein hydrolysates could provide novel food textures aiding the development of new food products.

Protein hydrolysates have multiple applications including sports nutrition, weight management, hypoallergenic infant formula and even reducing the effects of sarcopenia in active seniors. However, a recent focus has been on the development of new food textures for high-end cuisine and the mass market by using egg protein hydrolysates.

Work performed by the Institute for Research in Food Science investigated the potential of obtaining new textures from egg proteins using enzymatic hydrolysis, a known method for adding value to food proteins by modifying their functional properties. Using an aminopeptidase enzyme, Biocatalysts’ Flavorpro™ 750MDP, the team were able to hydrolyse egg whites, yolks and whole eggs to produce many new textures and flavours.

The research resulted in three texturally different products being produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of egg white. All three of these products are lactose-, fat- and milk protein-free making them suitable for people sensitive to dairy compounds.

  • Product 1 – A very creamy dessert with flavour and texture similar to lemon cream, without including fat or fat-replacing additives. It can also be frozen to give ice-creams.
  • Product 2 – An egg-based product with a taste and mouth-feel similar to fresh or cottage cheese.
  • Product 3 – Flavour and texture comparable to those of junket, a dairy dessert made by enzymatic milk coagulation, but somehow lighter and smoother.

Read more on this specific project on the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science.

In summary, using enzymes is an easy and cost effective way of producing new flavours and textures, as well as producing speciality egg products with improved functionality tailored for specific applications. Take a look at our technical bulletin to see how enzymes can be used in your processes.



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