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31st October 2015


Clear Vision: Biocatalysts’ Road to 2020

For a company of its size Biocatalysts has always made a considerable investment of time and resources into the annual business planning process. This process starts at the end of January with an off-site day for the management team to undertake the “where are we now” followed by the “where do we want to be” strategy discussions. This year the process was slightly different when Biocatalysts’ chairman Hans Wernicke issued the challenge to the team of achieving a 150% increase in sales in the next 5 years.

Our vision, We will become and stay the world’s leading speciality enzyme company and by the quality and dedication of our people, exceed our customers’ expectations” has remained the same for several years now but what we have done this year is define in more detail the “how” of achieving it. Now we define our company strategy as

To grow by winning profitable new business selling speciality enzymes to strategic customers that we are intimate with, primarily in the developed Western World.  This strategy is driven by the sales teams supported by Marketing and NPD and delivered via operational excellence and world class customer service.”

Pinning down this detail has given an additional level of focus to all departments across the company especially the commercial departments of sales, NPD and marketing. It makes the activities of these teams more effective when it is defined this specifically, facilitating the handling of enquiries, the organisation of events and visits joined up with the top-line strategy.

A new extension was already planned for implementation in 2015-16, so incorporating the sales numbers into the plan to ensure that the additional resources required to service the increased product sales became a natural extension of the plan. Now when sales hit a certain level, the plan to fit out the new extension is activated to ensure that our commitment to on-time delivery remains unaffected by the increased volume of sales.

Interestingly, where the new business is coming from in the next 6 years will also change. The current standard product range will continue to grow healthily but will be eclipsed in the coming years by the enzyme development and manufacture service. Why do we feel this? Our ability to make novel enzymes for customers at medium and large scale, that are suitable for global shipment into many different applications including food and pharmaceuticals, really does set us apart. As more companies seek out unusual solutions, either to produce complex end products or to create competitive advantage, interest in this area of the business is rapidly increasing and it will be large scale fermenters and DSP equipment that will be purchased to service this demand in the coming years.

The ability to effectively predict for the future, to plan the resources and structure required to take you there, all the time delivering the customer experience people expect from us is a challenge but it is one that the team at Biocats find exciting and most definitely achievable in the coming months and years.


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