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28th October 2015


The First Ever Range of Microbial PGE Enzymes

Biocatalysts has opened the door to a number of new flavours for Enzyme Modified Cheese manufacturers by launching the first ever range of microbial pregastric esterases (PGEs) which match the specific flavours created by their animal-derived counterparts.

PGE is an animal-derived enzyme (from calf, kid or lamb) responsible for the digestion of fat and is predominantly known for its use in the making of hard Italian cheeses such as Provolone, Parmesan and Romano.  In addition to this PGEs are also widely employed in the manufacture of other dairy products such as butter oil and EMC.

Animal PGEs are easily available and widely used for EMC applications.  However, the demand for microbial alternatives to animal enzymes is becoming increasingly more significant.

Biocatalysts have recognised this need and have developed the first ever microbial PGEs commercially available. Flavorpro™ C, Flavorpro™ K & Flavorpro™ L will allow EMC manufacturers access to a wide range of Italian flavour type EMCs and open up global markets as they are all suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher markets.