About Biocatalysts

For over 30 years, Biocatalysts has used its wide range of technical, commercial and regulatory capabilities to exceed our customers’ enzyme expectations.


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Environmental Health & Safety Policy

My management team and I are fully committed to ensure that the highest standard of health, safety and welfare for our employees and visitors is maintained and that the impact to the environment is kept to a minimum. Our health, safety and environmental management controls are detailed in the H&S Management Directive and EMS Manual, and our activities are structured to allow continual improvement to the management systems and all processes necessary for the development and manufacture of enzymes.

We will comply with all statutory requirements and any other standard to which we subscribe that are related to our workplace hazards and environmental aspects. We will achieve this by way of regular reviews of our legal compliance and workplace inspections. The setting of H&S and Environmental objectives and targets will ensure continual improvement to our procedures, processes and systems to better our health, safety and environmental performance, at the same time enhancing our working environment and improving our pollution prevention practices.

Our goal is to mitigate risk and maintain an environment where employees, clients, contractors, visitors and members of the public are not exposed to the hazards, and that the environment is not subject to contamination or pollution from our activities.

We will assign the necessary human, technical and financial resources to aid development of our management systems, and the regular review and evaluation of their procedures. Waste production will be kept to a minimum, recycling and reuse will be actively encouraged and we will endeavour to reduce energy use throughout all our activities.

My management team and I are responsible for the implementation of this policy by ensuring:

The provision of a robust management structure to prevent accidents, work related ill health and environmental incidents.

  • Information, instruction, training and supervision to allow all persons to conduct their work in a safe and risk free manner.
  • The provision of maintained safe plant and equipment to reduce risk to both persons and the environment.
  • Communication to all employees and interested parties of health, safety and environmental matters applicable to our activities.
  • Emergency procedures are in place for accidents, safe evacuation and environmental incidents.

Our employees participate fully in order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of themselves and other company members and that they fulfil their obligation to work in an environmentally friendly manner by:

  • Complying with statutory requirements, company policies and procedures.
  • Doing all they can to prevent injury, illness and environmental damage.
  • Reporting all incidents that caused, or could have led to injury or damage.
  • Assisting in the investigation of health, safety and environmental incidents to identify cause and prevent any recurrence.

Overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of employees and prevention of pollution to the local environment rests with me however; I have delegated responsibility for the implementation of this policy to my management team. These responsibilities are delivered through a series of procedures detailed in all the supporting documents to this Policy.

This Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure its continuing effectiveness.

Stuart West  – Managing Director, Biocatalysts Limited 27th October 2015

Endorsed by:

Theresa Cannon – HR & Office Manager

Andrew Ellis – Technical Director

Craig Galeozzie – Operations manager

Siân Evans – QEHS Co-ordinator

Mark Price – Quality & Regulatory Manager

Caroline West – Marketing Manager

Craig Phillips – Financial Controller

Business Integrity

Business Integrity and client confidentiality are the cornerstones of Biocatalysts’ existence.

As a company we are committed to servicing our customers with the best products, sourced responsibly, for as long as they require them. Integrity is at the heart of our culture, and we feel strongly that this has contributed to our longevity in an industry notorious for its mergers, acquisitions and short term players. We feel that our business integrity contributes to our success and makes our staff proud to say they work here.

Our desire to operate in this way means that there are certain markets in which we do not, or will not ever do business. The differences between the cultures is just too difficult to work effectively in.

Client confidentiality is a given here at Biocatalysts. We never discuss who we do business with in the public domain, through our website or in our literature unless we have express permission to do so. Our clients are guaranteed our discretion and where required we control the number of people who have knowledge about a specific project and use code names to ensure total confidentiality. Staff at Biocatalysts understand the sometimes sensitive nature of what we do and participate accordingly.

Working with Biocatalysts is to know that your objectives and requirements are in safe hands.



Innovation is at the core of Biocatalysts. Our culture is based on quality, customer service, technical knowledge and a desire to make positive changes (innovation).

Innovation underpins our growth at Biocatalysts allowing us to better serve our customers and other stakeholders. All Biocatalysts staff make positive contributions to the generation and implementation of innovative ideas. These result in improvements in our working environment, our process systems, and our infrastructure, in addition to stimulating ideas for new enzyme products.

If you are responsible for Innovation within your company talk to us about how we can work together. We regularly run or attend innovation days with our customers. We find that getting the right people together in a room to discuss key topics and the ways in which enzymes can help you get to your end goal resonates really well with stakeholders. “Open Innovation” is a well-known concept which can be combined with Biocatalysts’ commitment to customer confidentiality Whether you have a specific problem to solve or are a Finance Director looking strategically at saving money, enzymes could offer up an alternative that previously was not considered.

Commodity Enzymes

Biocatalysts is a speciality enzyme company.

We do not supply enzymes for the following markets:

  • Animal feed
  • Bulk papain
  • Detergent
  • Textile

We are not set up to produce huge quantities of enzyme and are much better suited to strategic partnerships with companies who do not have price as the most important driver in their purchasing strategy.

Our approach is to provide the best, most cost effective solution for our customers in the sectors we choose to operate in. Currently this includes, dairy, protein, dietetic, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, flavour and fruit and vegetable processing.