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13th October 2016


Enzymes for egg processing – Technical Bulletin

Enzymes for egg processing Eggs provide valuable ingredients to the food industry with a variety of functional properties including foaming in cakes and meringues; gelation in cakes and quiches; adding nutritional value to foods such as nutritional bars or powdered mixes (protein fortification); and improved texture of baked goods. The main components of egg are proteins and lipids and these are responsible for the functional attributes.

Enzymes for egg processing can make the quality of these functional ingredients even better. From ensuring dried egg white remains white to producing a non-bitter tasting protein hydrolysate. At Biocatalysts, all your enzyme requirements can be satisfied – we can be your one stop shop. Take a look at our technical bulletin which will take you through each available enzyme for egg processing detailing the different ways in which they can improve your process or product, giving you an added competitive advantage.

The enzymes covered in this technical bulletin are from our current off-the-shelf range and include:

  • Lipomod™ 34P – Improves foaming properties of egg white by removing contaminating yolk lipids.
  • Catalase 929L – Removes peroxide used to pasteurise egg.
  • Glucose Oxidase 789L – Prevents browning by removing sugar.
  • Flavorpro™ 786P – Used to produce clean tasting egg white hydrolysates for a variety of end applications.

If you find that these off-the-shelf enzymes are not suitable for your process, Biocatalysts has the enzyme development & manufacturing capabilities to create a completely unique enzyme for you, which can open up endless possibilities.

For further information on the use of enzymes for egg processing download our technical bulletin:

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