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26th October 2015


Technical Bulletin – The use of enzymes in yeast extraction

We have published a new technical bulletin titled ‘The Use of Enzymes in Yeast Extraction’.

At Biocatalysts we manufacture many enzymes which play an important role in the extraction of yeast. This includes Promod™ 950L, a microbial alternative to the traditionally used papain. The microbial origin of this comparative enzyme not only allows for use in kosher, halal and vegetarian products, but also removes variability of quality and supply associated with plant derived material.

This technical bulletin will take you through the yeast extraction process giving recommendations to achieve the best possible extraction. This includes:

  • Accelerating the extraction process
  • Increasing yields
  • Reducing viscosity
  • Improving solubilisation of debris
  • Aiding the clarification of the extract
  • Compensation for damaged/inactive yeast cells
  • Flavour enhancement

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